7 Fabulous Gifts That Will Make Her Friends Jealous

A girl wants to see that you know her well. You want to give her something that says you put some thought into this. Here are seven extraordinary gift ideas that will make her friends jealous.

A Classy Kitchen Utensil

If she likes dining and catering, a classy kitchen utensil is a perfect gift. You can look at getting her a cheese board, a sushi set or a set of crystal whiskey glasses.

Just keep her kitchen’s color scheme in mind when shopping.

Beauty Products

A glitz and glam type of woman will always appreciate jewelry, fashion items or make-up.

You will knock her socks off if you go the extra mile with some custom-made jewelry or a handmade scarf.

Before buying her make-up, I would recommend you find out her favorite brands and colors.

When buying jewelry, just make sure beforehand if she prefers gold or silver.

Tools for an Art Project

A woman that likes to do artsy stuff like crochet or paint will adore a gift that contains tools for a small project. Here are some incredible gift box ideas:

  • A box with matching wool, a crochet needle, scissors, and a crochet magazine.

  • A mini garden container with potting soil, small flowers, and small themed objects like fairies, a tiny pond and bridge.

  • A wooden box or frame with glass tiles, grout, and a tile cutter.

  • A set of beads, charms, wire and tools for making a set of earrings with a matching bracelet, and necklace.

  • A canvas, brushes, and paint.

Technological Gifts

Do not underestimate the value of a nerdy gift like a memory stick, earphones or an HD webcam. Women can value a gift of technology more than you would think and will most likely find worth beyond comparison out of technological equipment if you just browse around a bit for something that will suit her lifestyle or hobbies perfectly.

You can personalize it by loading some of her favorite songs onto a memory stick.

A Relaxing Spa Day

Most types of girls would adore a spa day with a massage, manicure and pedicure, facial and brunch. Different spas offer different packages, so you will have to make a call or two to find out.

If you are the type of guy that would go for a couple’s spa day, go for it! It is very romantic.

If you are not the type of guy, consider a spa day for her with a friend or a sister. Alternatively, you can buy a package of treatments that you can pamper her at home with. It is a cheaper option, but way more intimate.

A Fun Trip or Outing

You can give an all-paid trip or exhilarating outing as a gift. This is a bit out-of-the-box… literally.

A trip to an exotic destination or even just a fun outing like a wine-tasting, a sunset-boat cruise or a skydiving experience is a great gift for an adventurous girl.

Luxury Bathing Time Items

Most women would greatly appreciate a luxurious bath towel, robe, soft slippers and some bath salts or bubble bath. This is a simple gift, but it makes her feel like she deserves to be pampered. She will want to just kick back and enjoy her gift with some wine, candles and a good book.