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Countdown of Costa Rica’s Best Surf Spots

Around 3 years ago I was fortunate enough to spend a month combining my love for travel with my love for surfing and spent a month in Costa Rica in a little van with my buddies, touring around looking for the best spots. Everyone knows about the lush green eco-systems of Costa Rica, the incredible wildlife and its forward thinking approach to the environment but as a surfers paradise, I feel like it is often overlooked.

I know that not everyone has the time, money or inclination to tour around the country with their surfboards strapped onto the roof so I thought I’d give you guys a quick countdown of my favorite spots, in case you wanted to experience them for yourself.

4 – Salsa Brava

This is the first place we started, it is on the Caribbean coast at Puerto Viejo and the only thing I can say is that I’m pleased that I had a few surfing years under my belt before taking these waves on. The waves are not that grand in terms of stature but they break incredibly hard and if you don’t know what you are doing then you’ll be blowing bubbles before you know it. There isn’t much around the area by way of towns so this place is more of a get in and get out kind of place.

3 – Playa Pavones

Anyone who’s really into their surf spots will probably have heard of Playa Pavones but visiting it is something entirely different. One minute you think that you are heading into the thick heart of the jungle and the next, this impressive beach presents itself to you. Pavones is only really populated by other surfers so you’re going to need to find someone in the know in order to find this hidden gem. Once you’ve found the beach though, you will be treated to one of the most awesome left point breaks that you’ll find anywhere in the World and if you want to ride it right you’ll need to make sure that your stamina is up to scratch.

2 – Playa Hermosa

Whilst it may translate to beautiful beach, the Spanish for this beach should be ‘unpredictable beach’ as the swells here change in a heartbeat. One moment you are surfing a steady wave, not too much power but enough to get you going, and the next you’ll see some monsters crashing down without warning. If you are an experienced surfer then this is most definitely where you need to pit your wits.

1- Playa Guiones

This is really a surf spot for everyone and the regular rolling waves on this beach play perfectly in to the hands of beginners, amateurs and pros. There is a really cool scene here for surfers, thanks to the regularity of the surf and you will find plenty schools, surf shops, restaurants and surf-themed bars so that you can indulge in a true surfers paradise.