Travel Tips

How to Help Your Grandparents with Traveling

Traveling is not just popular with kids these days. More and more seniors are getting bit by the wanderlust bug and booking flights here and there. Indeed, traveling is not an activity enjoyed only by the young; when one wants to see the world, age should not be a factor.

So if you hear your grandparents say they have been booking hotels in France or purchasing seniors travel insurance for four destinations, you should not be surprised. In fact, what you can do is help them with packing and securing documents.

In this article, we will talk about how we can guide our senior family members in their quest to conquer the world, one country at a time.

Secure travel insurance

Senior travelers usually pay more for travel insurance, but that is fine because it is very convenient to have it especially when you are traveling overseas. When you are going over the insurance policy with them, make sure that all their essentials are included like medical treatment, emergency evacuation, medical transportation, professional fees, and so on.

Pack light

Just like normal travelers, it is best if your grandparents pack light. Research the place they are going to and pack clothes that are climate appropriate. Advise them to get the clothes laundered so that they can wear it again and not have to bring a bulk load of clothes.

More importantly, make sure that their medication is packed and place it in a carry-on bag sothat it is easily accessible, especially during the flight

Book aisle seats

When booking flights, see if it is possible to book a direct flight. Connecting flights might make it hard for your grandparents to transfer from one terminal to the other, especially since they are still holding their carry-on bag with them. Additionally, make sure to book flights early so that you can choose aisle seats for them. However, if you can, consider spending on a roomier flight accommodation.


Advise them not to commute as much during their trip, especially if they are already having trouble with walking. Tell them that they can book official tours so that their schedule has also been made for them. Or, if theywant a DIY trip, they should stick to riding city buses or cabs. Anyway, even though cabs are expensive, there are car booking systems like Uber in most countries now, you can teach them how to use it.


Lastly, splurge on their accommodation. Unlike other younger travelers, budget accommodation may not be suitable for them since most do not even have an elevator. However, if it cannot be helped, make sure to choose one that will not make them use the stairs, or just book a room at the ground floor. You can also consider booking an AirBnB for them so that they can feel like they are at home and be able to immerse themselves in local household culture.

When it comes to helping our grandparents travel, we should pull out all the stops to make sure that they are comfortable during the trip. More importantly, we can help them enjoy creating new memories while traversing the world.