What to Expect During a Week in Phuket

Phuket has been somewhere that I had wanted to travel to for some time, I had been in and out of Thailand many times yet never managed to get down to the place that everyone talked about, Phuket. This island is appearing regularly on people’s itineraries when they tour through Thailand and I simply had to get there.

Thankfully and at last,  I made the trip down there for a week around 18 months ago and wow! What a place. An incredible island with so much to see and do so I thought I’d give you a flavor of what you can expect when you get to the beautiful Phuket.

Beautiful Beaches

The beaches around the island of Phuket are far and away some of the nicest in Thailand and you can expect to find the type of beaches here that you will regularly see on postcards. The only downside to this level of outstanding beaches is that they are no secret and you can expect them to get pretty full up, especially during high season. Despite their popularity, they rarely get so overcrowded that it causes a problem.

Stunning Weather

The climate here is positively tropical and the rainy season is pretty short, lasting just two months between September and October. For the large majority of the time you will find Phuket to have blue skies, glorious sunshine and a cool breeze coming off the ocean, the perfect temperature to enjoy those beautiful beaches.

Awesome People

I have always found Thais in general to be some of the friendliest people on Earth and Phuket is no different. Not only are the locals in Phuket very helpful and generous but most of the tourists who descend on Phuket are there to have a good time and they want to see you do exactly the same.

Low Cost

Much like the rest of the country, Phuket has an incredibly low cost of living which means that for anyone traveling to Thailand, or in particular Phuket, who work outside of the country, they can really get some bang for their buck. The cost of everything is cheap here and the low prices are not exclusive to drinks and food, whether it be a massage or a jet ski rental, you can guarantee that you’ll be paying basement prices.

Sprinkle of Mayhem

Phuket does have something of a reputation of being a party island and if this is what you are looking for then you can find it in abundance in the notorious Patong. The streets of Patong are filled each and every night with revelers looking to enjoy all of the mayhem and madness that this area of Patong offers. This place will blow each and every one of your senses and give you one of the best nights out in Thailand.

Phuket is somewhere that you should most certainly visit when you visit Thailand, it combines the very best of what Thailand can offer, low prices, natural beauty and a little bit of all-out chaos, the perfect place for a break away.