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Traveling For Your Hobbies: It’s Worth It!

Whether you’re into music or poker, food or film, traveling in pursuit of your hobbies is nothing new. After all, people have been flocking across the world to visit the like of Disney World or Hollywood for years. However, people are now getting involved with international travel for a multitude of reasons. What’s not to love, anyway? It combines the sights of the wider world and all of the amazing things that it can offer to you, as well as your biggest passions in life!

Best Trips For Film Buffs

The aforementioned Hollywood and Disney pilgrimages are a good start, but true film aficionados will want to take things a few steps further. After you’ve explored Universal Studios, it might seem like you’ve done all the traveling that your hobby will allow for, but that’s just not true at all! Until you’ve taken the leap and visited film sets, eaten at the restaurants shown in your favorite movies, and pretended to live just like the characters do, you haven’t done anything yet! 

Some cities feature more heavily on screen than others, such as New York. In fact, they even have tours geared especially for fans who are venturing on out to relive their favorite scenes in real life. 

Best Trips For Gamers

If you’re into games, there are no shortage of places that you can go to get your fix. One obvious step would be conventions to meet with other like-minded individuals. You can Cosplay your favorite characters or try out new games that are not yet on the market.

You could also compete in tournaments. A recent poker tournament in Barcelona attracted recreational players of all levels, keen to compete with hundreds of others in a new environment. 888Live, hosted by 888poker, provided a perfect example of how willing people are to travel for entertainment; it attracted more than 700 entries from 30 different countries. Poker combines gambling, strategy, and skill; so it’s no wonder that people venture far and wide to prove that they’re the best, even if they’re not playing professionally.

Some games get better when you travel, too. For example, the augmented reality game Pokémon Go has the aim of catching all the available Pokémon in your “Pokédex”, some of which are region locked and can only be caught by venturing to other continents.

Best Trips For Music Fans

Different people like different music, and so it’s really going to depend on who’s playing as to where you’ll end up. Sometimes our favorite bands only show up for one date, and it’s the perfect excuse to travel if that’s right next door.

On occasion, we may wish to visit a specific city or venue within that city that is famed for music. Nashville is known as Music City, for example, and a trip there could give you more knowledge of the roots of country music as a genre.

Music festivals are fun all over the world, and some people just like to visit as many as possible. This is something that Live Nation have realised, with their Festival Passport, which allows access to 90 of their festivals worldwide for one set price.

Best Trips For Foodies

Food and travel go hand in hand because of the cultural influences of all kinds of different cuisines. You’ll never get a better pasta dish than you will in Italy, nor better Massaman than in Thailand, so a true foodie will want to try the authentic dishes of each place. Of course, food travel allows you to be adventurous and try things that you never would at home; there are even food tours geared especially to you.

When you’re away, you can even take cooking classes to learn how to recreate that cuisine. While you probably won’t be as good as the locals, you can bring a little taste of each place back home with you.

No matter what you’re into, if you love something enough, you’ll travel for it. Whether there’s an event or you simply want to learn more, it’s the ideal way to immerse yourself.