Which Greek Islands You Should be Heading to This Summer

Greece has a staggering 6,000 islands floating around its mainland with 227 of them being inhabited. Such a vast array of islands provides the would-be tourist with almost every type of available vacation whether they are looking for just a week in the sun, a little bit of adventure, a party atmosphere or some traditional Greek culture.

Choosing between the islands can be tough so we have put together a list of some of the best islands which we think you should be heading to if you want to enjoy the very best of Greece.


When you see those regular images of Greek islands with whitewashed houses against that azure sea backdrop, what you are most probably looking at is a picture of Santorini. This volcanic island sits in the Aegean Sea and somewhat surprisingly, offers black beaches over the often-photographed, snow-white dunes. Such is the rugged nature of the island that you will find several hidden coves, quiet clifftop spots and isolated hotels from where you can enjoy a relaxing break in style.


Corfu is by far and away the busiest of the Greek islands, it is also the greenest, offers the best beaches by way of activities and has several lively towns where tourists can let their hair down. If you are looking for a Greek island that has a little action to it then Corfu will be the one for you. Don’t expect to much tranquility here although there are some hidden away spots to be found, this island however is about having lots of fun in the sun.


Locally named the ‘Hawaii of Greece,’ Naxos offers unrivaled natural beauty, which is really saying something considering the stunning nature of the majority of Greek islands. This is truly an island for lovers, it is calm and peaceful, largely uninterrupted and it offers the brightest white beaches in all of Greece, complete with near-transparent waters.


Not many have heard of Folegandros but if you are looking for a real, traditional slice of Greece then this is the island for you. There is little tourism compared to the other islands here in Folegandros and the towns and villages on the island offer some great places to explore. The island has many hiking routes where you can best enjoy the scenery before relaxing with a retsina to some traditional Greek music.


If you are looking for a party spot then look no further than Ios, the Greek island that is putting to shame the past masters of party destinations like Lesbos and Malia. This place was once something of a hippy hangout but these days it is filled with resellers looking for a good time. The beach parties here are incredible and if you want to get around the island in style then you should look to rent a scooter so that you can reach every nook and cranny of this beautiful and lively island.

What’s your favorite Greek island that you have visited? Let us know in the comments below.