Don’t miss these museums on a trip to Madrid

Madrid is known for many things, like beautiful architecture, delicious food, and nightlife that rages until the sun comes up.

However, its museum scene trumps them all, as it is known for possessing some of the richest collections in the world. Some of these institutions are renowned for containing some of the finest collections of art and antiquities from across the globe, so it would be a shame to skip them during a trip to Spain’s capital.

After taking a private airport transfer from Madrid airport and getting settled, make plans to visit the following museums on a trip to Madrid.

1) Prado National Museum

If you are short on time and only have time to see one museum, make certain that you visit the Prado National Museum.

It is considered by many art experts to have one of the finest collections in the world, as it holds over 20,000 pieces dating from the 12th century through to the early 20th century.

Started from the collection of the Spanish Royal Family, this cache of art contains masterpieces from famed artists like Peter Paul Reubens, Francisco de Goya, and El Greco.

The building is a masterful work of architecture as well, as its interior arches and columns compliment its commanding exterior.

2) Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum of Art

Looking for more world-class masterpieces to admire? Head over to the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum of Art, where you’ll find a wide assortment of fine Italian, English, Dutch, and German works in the second largest private art collection after the British Royal Collection.

Paintings by Peter Paul Reubens, Vincent Van Gogh, Giambattista Pittoni, and Claude Monet are just a few of the highlights which can be found within its modern interior, so be sure to make time for this place if you are truly passionate about art.

3) Museo de América

As the age of exploration kicked off in the 16th century, Spain was one of the pioneers. After first sponsoring the travels of Christopher Columbus, they went on to claim wide swathes of the New World for themselves, which included the southern half of North America and most of South America.

These exploits yielded them not only vast amounts of resource wealth, but also antiquities from the civilizations that they encountered.

Inside, you’ll find a variety of ceramics, armor, jewelry, statues, and other items looted by Spanish conquistadors. Don’t miss the decadent exhibit on Colombian gold, as some of these gaudy pieces date back to the 2nd century AD.

There are also presentations on the impact colonization had on the indigenous people of the Americas, adding a badly needed dose of perspective.

4) Museo Arqueologico Nacional

History fans won’t want to stop with the Museo de América, as the Museo Arqueologico Nacional is home to artifacts which tell the story of the Spanish Empire, as well as the civilizations that controlled the Iberian Peninsula before the Spaniards rose to prominence.

While this place contains statues, ceramics, jewels, and other implements from prehistoric, Roman, medieval, Moorish, and Renaissance eras, there are also Egyptian, Greek, and Celtic pieces that round out its extensive collection.


Photo courtesy z_wenjie on Flickr